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Instructional Cancellation Policy

From time to time, mother nature does not cooperate with us and we can experience wet or cold weather on the weekends. Here is a brief overview of what you should do if you have any doubts about if your children should be out playing soccer in questionable weather. Please note that this applies only to the Instructional Division; Travel and In-House have their own cancellation policies and procedures.

First, check the website on game days to see if there is a cancellation notice. I will post any notices of cancellation by approximately 7:30am on game day where weather looks to pose a substantial problem. Information will be updated throughout the day if necessary, so check back before leaving for your game.

Even if there is no cancellation, FYSA believes that parents should be the ultimate decision makers when it comes time to decide whether your child should be outside playing soccer. If you don't think the conditions are right for your child, then it's OK not to come. The only thing I would ask you to consider when you make your decision is if the weather would be uncomfortable for your child as opposed to uncomfortable for you. Active kids are usually warm whereas inactive parents sitting in lawn chairs will be probably be cold. If your child will be OK you should probably show up and make sure that you are dressed appropriately.

Occasionally it is necessary to cancel all games on Saturday because of inclement weather. Before I make that decision, I monitor the weather forecasts, check out the weather radar, and look to see how long we can expect the storm system to last. Something moving through in a short amount of time (1-2 hours) is probably not a reason to cancel a whole day's worth of games. I also consider the temperature and wind chill; it can be fun playing soccer when it's warm and rainy, but the level of fun drops quickly when the temperature drops. It might be possible to play on a warm rainy weekend in September, but not in November. Finally, even the weather experts get it wrong. Weather experts are the only people who can be wrong in their jobs 50% of the time and still have a job the following week. What that means is that despite gloomy forecasts, it's still a good idea to wait until game day to see what the weather conditions actually look like.

Hope this helps. Thanks for your patience and be sure to check the website.

For Your Information:
  • Travel Division games are rarely cancelled due to weather
  • Academy games are not usually played in heavy rain but will often be played in light rain